Sunday, November 4, 2012

Bath Time...

Can we take a moment and appreciate the cuteness that is my nephew Landon? You never understand what a baby will do to you and how it will affect your everyday thinking. I can't explain it, but when I look at this kid I tear up. When I hear his precious laugh, I tear up. It's a raw emotion that one day will touch everyone, it's called LOVE. We will experience love in one form or another and right now it's not someone that I expected it to be. It's my nephew and I'll never apologize for what I do for this guy. Pouring my creative abilities into his life has been nothing but fun for me. We have all seen his bedroom...AMAZING, right? I've been working on finishing up his bathroom for sometime now but until it's 100%, I can't stop. We will remember the inspiration...

Very un-original I know, but the colors are so vibrant and fun for a youngin that I wanted to have spaces for Landon where he can be a kid and enjoy life. I purchased the book, butterfly, and Caterpillar from Barnes and Nobles. The book was inspiration, art, and decor. My best friend/assistant helped me cut out all the photos of the book so we could frame and hang the art all over the room.

Pottery Barn had the shower curtain, so it had to be ordered. They had plenty of items to order to help decorate a room, but come on,  I had to come up with some of the creative side. 


After hanging this, with lime green plastic rings from Wal-Mart, I got started on shopping for all the accessories. I bought several colors of towels from Wal-Mart, THEY ARE CHEAP, colored ribbon from Hobby Lobby, colorful frames from Ikea, a white plastic trash can, mini assorted colored poms from Hobby Lobby, trusty glue gun, and the perfect stripped rug meant for a bedroom. 

Lots of...everywhere

I actually bought cheap frames at WalMart and thought I could spray paint them to make pop from the walls with the art from the book in them. DID NOT WORK OUT WELL. That's why I bought the frames from Ikea. I glued the poms in random patterns all over the trash can and I think it turned out really well. 


I hung the butterfly near the shower curtain and suction cupped the caterpillar to the mirror. The towels were purchased so there would be pops of color all across the room. Blue by the sink, orange on the towel rack above the toilet, yellow across the toilet, and green for the wall above the toilet. 

The greens have not been hung yet, but I added this thick paper raffia ribbon around them with his initial in the middle. Yes, to answer your question, none of the towels are meant to be used by anyone. They are for decor only. :)

The pictures have been hung in random locations so when you look in all directions, you see fun and color.

It's still a work in progress, but it's coming along rather well. I think Landon will appreciate what he has when he grows up and understands what's around him. More pictures to come...



Kelli Timms said...

I love it Greg! The colors are perfect! Primary colors are awesome and create many options for decorating I think but hey YOUR the designer right? Good job :)

Casey said...

So cool!